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Ideas for your Home

WE continue to evolve & with this growth comes a new look

Innovation and strong product development has allowed us to push to higher retail price points, and brand awareness is the highest among the competition at 94%. 

The success of the BLACK+DECKER brand over the years can be traced back to a consistent focus on consumer needs. BLACK+DECKER products are kitchen and household mainstays: coffee makers, irons, blenders, and toaster ovens. They are also products that provide home comfort and convenience: portable air conditioners and mini-fridges in various sizes suited to different consumer needs and living spaces. Consumers rely on BLACK + DECKER products to perform the day-to-day tasks that keep things running smoothly, and brand recognition takes on even greater importance as a result. 

BLACK+DECKER products stand out in the marketplace by taking consumer needs into consideration when it comes time to turn out new features and enhanced design.