Bringing sweets to life


Nak Nak…Who’s there? Our newest private label in-house brand. Nak Nak is a high profit margin, opening price point confectionary line. Entering the market with hard candies, lollipops and gum pops, plus a line of milk toffees, Nak Nak demands attention from the get-go with memorable, whimsical packaging in bold colors, and a lineup of fun, friendly characters that embody a host of classic and novel flavors. 

The key to Nak Nak’s success in an oversaturated candy market is charisma. The Nak Nak family of characters is drawn with a simple, cohesive look, yet each one presents an original personality through carefully chosen accessories, styles, and facial features. These characters are youthful, yet timeless, and help put a new face (literally) on a commonplace product while providing quality and undeniable value to consumers.

The Nak Nak line of products feature popular time-tested fruit flavors like cherry, green apple, orange, lemon, and watermelon. The lollipops and hard candies can be purchased in assorted and single-flavor pouches to satisfy a variety of taste preferences. Add to the mix alternative flavors like ginger, raspberry, mango, peppermint, and cola and you have something for any occasion that calls for a little sweetness. Poised to become a classic, Nak Nak is an essential part of our go-to-market strategy and is set to contribute greatly to our ongoing growth and evolution. We’re bringing sweets to life, one Nak Nak at a time.