It's time to treat yourself


Born out of one of the most influential advertising campaigns ever created, the beloved “got milk?” brand is instantly recognizable and resonates with consumers to this day. It’s an iconic name that’s maintained a strong foothold for the past 2 decades, even eliciting numerous alternative versions and references in popular culture. It gained a great deal of momentum through the campaign’s popular television ads and the famous series of print ads featuring celebrities sporting milk mustaches and touting the health benefits of dairy milk.

As a food brand, got milk? has the greatest potential of any of our other brands. This is because here, much more so than in the electronics sector, we are producing a “need” rather than a “want” product. This new venture carried with it a different set of requirements, everything from sample testing to a different style of packaging and in-store displays. There is more diversity among the customers we wish to cultivate relationships with as well.