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Laundry made simple


When it comes to laundry products, customers already have options every which way they turn. So when we decided it was time for a foray into this category, we needed a different kind of product, one that offers a clear benefit over a cumbersome bottle of laundry detergent. Enter Life laundry detergent sheets, one of our newest in-house brands. 

These detergent sheets are the key to making a universally dreaded household chore easier, mess-free, and even eco-friendly. Deceptively simple in design, these compact laundry sheets are made up of super condensed detergent. They dissolve completely in water of all temperatures, making them suitable for use in different wash cycles and machines. 

The consumer gets increased convenience on all fronts with a product that is lightweight and space saving, mess-free, and eco-friendly with a natural formula made up of 36 active plant ingredients, resulting in a biodegradable product.